Thank you for visiting the product update site for our BEST 9K & 8K Series locks.

Leveraging years of experience and rigorous internal testing, we continually improve the design of our product portfolio. We are proactively implementing the following design enhancement intended to minimize the ability to compromise the lock.

Effective December 17th, 2020

BEST Keyed 9K & 8K Series Locks will include an updated patent-pending throw member* assembly and factory installed bushing designed to safeguard against the latest surreptitious lock picking techniques. The drawings and videos provided below provide guidance to perform your update.

With this enhancement comes an important obligation. We believe it is critical you upgrade any existing 9K and 8K Series locks already installed in any of your properties. To accommodate this, we developed a simple upgrade kit which can be installed in a matter of minutes.


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Your frequently asked questions answered
General Information about the Security Upgrade
This new security upgrade for BEST Keyed 9K/8K Series Locks contains design enhancements including a new throw member assembly and factory installed bushing that safeguard against some of the latest lock picking tools and techniques. The 9K throw member assembly is patent pending.
This security upgrade ensures that BEST’s 9K and 8K product lines contain the most up-to-date design enhancements to safeguard against some of the latest lock picking tools and techniques.
All functions that utilize a 9K/8K throw member will need this security upgrade in order to implement design enhancements that safeguard against some of the latest lock picking tools and techniques.
No, we strongly urge that all existing 9K/8Ks keyed functions receive the design enhancements contained within this security upgrade.
Yes, the design enhancements contained within this security upgrade are exclusive to 9K/8K mechanical and electronic products.
How to Deploy and Execute the Security Upgrade and Included Design Enhancements
The design enhancements contained within this security upgrade are new to BEST 9K/8K products and part of our ongoing product improvement updates. The enhancements are now part of our standard product offering. Upgrade kits which contain the design enhancements are available at no charge for existing installations and inventory.

To implement the design enhancements contained within this security upgrade you’ll need to do the following:

  • Identify all keyed 9K/8K product in your facility
  • For each 9K/8K, execute the following steps:
    • Take the control key for the core, and remove the BEST SFIC interchangeable core from the 9K
    • Remove the existing throw member that is currently engaged into the back of the BEST SFIC core
    • Insert the new throw member into the backside of the BEST SFIC core
    • For 9Ks only:  Place bushing into the keyed sleeve while the BEST SFIC core and lever are removed.
    • Use the control key to insert the BEST SFIC core into the BEST 9K/8K

Yes, the security upgrade kits contain the design enhancements, including a new throw member assembly and updated bushing. The upgrade kits are available free of charge and can be ordered as with any other replacement part.
We strongly urge that all BEST 9K/8K units implement this security upgrade. For existing inventory, open the 9K/8K box, place the applicable throw member kit inside, and reseal.

BEST 9K/8K products that you received prior to December 17th, 2020 do not contain the design enhancements that are implemented within this security upgrade which safeguard against some of the latest lock picking tools and techniques. For that reason, we strongly urge that this security upgrade be implemented in all BEST 9K/8K products.

We strongly urge that the security upgrade be implemented without delay. Fortunately, the patent-pending 9K and 8K throw members are currently in production for newly produced units, and 9K/8K throw member kits are available now to update any existing installations and inventory. The 9K/8K throw member kits have been added to our replacement parts and can be ordered free of charge.

*9K throw member is patent pending

Warning: This Manufacturer advises that no lock can provide complete security by itself. This lock may be defeated by forcible or technical means, or evaded by entry elsewhere on the property. No lock can substitute for caution, awareness of your environment, and common sense. Builder’s hardware is available in multiple performance grades to suit the application. In order to enhance security and reduce risk, you should consult a qualified locksmith or other security professional.